Monday, 30 January 2012


A short stint at the set building this week. What I noticed was the amount of teamwork, although there were only four of the Group there for this session, I thought there was a lot of clear "togetherness" in the work they took on, and it's this that I have tried to portray, whilst trying to get expression, and activity into the photographs.

 Ken and Martin seem to have "teamed up" a lot in this set building session; they are focussing on completing the side flat and ensuring that the door is hung appropriately. Doors are the bane of every production from amateur to professional! I have seen doors swing open after being shut on an entrance or exit from our Hall to the West End, from Chichester to Stratford. Get it right and the players feel comfortable and can relax into their roles. Get it wrong and the players feel tentative all the way through rehearsal to last night. Martin and Ken spent the whole session on the one doorway - well it is the only entrance they need to build. Whilst the photograph left has them (ostensibly) discussing the work, they are working together and again the shot right has them focussed on the issue to be resolved.

I particularly like this shot (right)- the light works from Martin toward Ken, stepping down and linking them, the next photograph has them in synchronism as they cut the wood to length.

The "sync" shot above brought this shot (left) to mind. I took it last week where both Ken and Martin were teaming again and they appear to only have one head; their bodies are inclined to the workspace in a very similar way, albeit from different sides of the bench, but the shot captures them as though they had one head, one purpose and a great exemplar for teaming. The shot on the right shows the four at break and surveying the work done.

I took some other shots at the session, just because I saw them. The first couple are about one half of the Directorship - Kevin. I have him retrieving some "stuff" (not sure what it was) from the attic in the changing room. I thought that it was an amusing metaphor - the "headless" Director! However I do think he (and Emma) are doing a good job at the moment. I deliberately de-focussed a second shot to drive home the metaphor - not sure it needs it.

And some more shots; one about pattern and the other about nostalgia.

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