Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Reunion

The following is my initial idea for Assignment 2 People and Activity. About 10 images. Plan and execute a set of images of people in some form of of meaningful activity. This could be work, sport, a stage performance (music, drama), or at a social event.

The local AmDram group - see below - are putting on "The Reunion" by Peter Gordon. I know from experience from directing many productions that there will be ample opportunity to provide a lot of the exercise requirements for assignment 2, however I plan to also complete exercises for the course outside this production as well. But I wanted to set the scene, as it were.

In my mind at the moment I plan to cover the process from read-throughs to performance, covering rehearsals, technical, make-up, costume, backstage and set building.

I would like to present the points of view of the director, and of the players, the production assistants and the audience (I won't be there on the final performance as we have a wedding to go to - so the post production party will be missing). The group meet and rehearse every Thursday and Sunday with set building Sunday morning.

I expect to use both film and digital capture as I suspect that these will offer differing viewpoints. My tutor recommends a "model release" agreement with all the likely suspects. I had thought about that and will take some with me tomorrow night for the first take. I know the advantage for me is that there will be a number of willing volunteers and in a confined space, but I do feel there will be a challenge as my role will be subordinate to the roles of the Joint Directors. Joint directing is an interesting concept; I have directed quite a few productions and the players, certainly initially, look to the Director for "direction" and whilst it is true that a play does develop through the process of rehearsal as the characters develop and grow into the play as a whole, these joint Directors will need to have a strong vision that they can hold to or, a strong faith in each others ability to test the way in which the play develops. It may offer a dynamic if they aren't in full synch' on it, I hope it doesn't though!

Our Directors, shots taken from previous productions  The group has a web-site, something that I initiated when I was actively involved, and I'm afraid that I currently feature on the landing page - I will come back to that on a later post with some self portraiture!
The Middle Barton Drama Group -

For reference here is a link to the play, it isn't the deepest play that the Group has ever staged. It is my experience that when a write-up says hilarious it often isn't, but I hope to capture the humour.

Cast: 4 male, 4 female.

Set: Single interior. Back room of a pub, present day.

It's good to meet up with old friends ... or perhaps not!

When Nigel arranges a reunion in the back room of a pub, he is optimistic of a good turnout. Whilst the numbers disappoint him, he soon has his hands full when a motley middle-aged threesome turn up, bringing with them assorted wives, girlfriends, prejudices, and resentments that have simmered for the last twenty-five years. As the evening unfolds, the men are forced to reassess their old alliances and reflect on their lives, as the women are increasingly struck by the futility of the whole exercise! Comedy and confusion combine in this hilarious but poignant story of 'small people' in a 'big world'.

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