Monday, 9 January 2012

On the street again

Went to Sheffield to see Si Barbers work at the Banks gallery - terrific, post will come shortly. I took the opportunity to take some more photographs on the street. This is difficult!

Reviewing revealed lots of feet, lots of blur (unintended) oblique angles, with no desire for added dynamics.

Voyeurism - not a term I have levelled at myself before, but a photographer must be part voyeur. Across the aisle travelling to Sheffield.

Two images that don't quite work. The lop-sided shot on the left has a lot of blur - I was tracking the gent - but for me he doesn't stand out enough and the eye is distracted by the motiion blur. The right hand image is almost a "good" shot. More of the lady and she "might" have made in interesting juxtaposition to the mural picture she was about to pass. I'm not concerned about the angle, it stresses the "potential" of difficulty she might have.

I had reveiwed the images in camera and was struck by the number of photos I had of people looking "another way" i.e. "faceless". I decided to try and capture some faces and these two have subjects that have "caught" my lens. On the left the chap has a slightly concerned look, the young lady on the right seems comfortable about it.

Gareth and some fellow students - a respite for me - knowing I was on safe grounds!

A slightly complex image and I wonder if people will take the time to work it out - only in as much as it would inform me as to the worth of taking this type of photograph.

I caught these two studying the outdoor photography. They mirrored each other quite often, they looked, they bit, they chewed, they looked. I don't think I caught that empathy they shared.

Slightly more uncomfortable ground here. This chap was an amputee and I caught him, in step, trying to catch up with his mates who were determined to keep moving.

Again on safer ground with the OCA group, Gareth was considering one of the images, it was cold and we were about to break for the day. I'm not suggesting that Gareth was a "card". Another "nearly" shot to finish with. The "big Chief" looking down on the couple coming towards the lens. The lady has caught me taking the picture the chap just wants to get home. I need to recognise the criticality of focal depth, it can turn a good shot into more filler for the delete file. There wasn't much excuse for it either, the light was almost too good (strong disparities between light and shade), so more practicing, more time to develop technique for both the new camera and on the streets.

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  1. It was slightly disconcerting to see a poster of rotweilers next to pictures of film stars - made me wonder what was in the stall holder's mind. Looked like ti was a cold day but then Sheffield is in the chilly north!