Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fun with postcards

John Egerton Christmas Piper 1903 - 1992 was a painter, printmaker who lived relatively local and, in collaboration with Patrick Reyntiens created stained glass windows, the most famous of which is probably for the new Coventry Cathedral. This partnership was also responsible for the window titled "St Martin sharing his cloak" 1973 which is at the north end of Sandford St Martin Church in North Oxon.

A short while ago I was asked to create some postcards that would be used as part of the church's fund raising and that may be used at a convention where the topic of this and other Piper work would be the focus. I took a number of views including detail shots and after discussing these with the relevant people I then chose a company to print the cards. The detail shots were digitally printed and the small number of these (50 off) were fine and matched the proof copy that I sent with the CMYK files. However I ordered 500 Litho print copies of the shot below.

The original CMYK file was accompanied with a proof copy for colour matching - image "Proof copy sent" below. The printer sent the "non-proof copy" along with the digital proofs, saying that it was information only and that the printed copy would be checked against "Proof copy sent". To my surprise I received 500 of what I title  "Printed version", below centre!
After some conversations with their sales people and their Managing Director it was agreed that they would re-print the whole batch and that they had "mis-judged" the colour control adjustment needed.

So, I have 499 copies of a very green church interior that I have been told I could do what I like with, I shall dispose through the county paper waste facilities, I have been paid for the work though.


  1. Ouch!! Reckon they 'corrected' against their very magenta non-proof version! Glad you got it sorted though! And think I have finally sorted how to post on your blog!

  2. Hello Vicki, you are bang - on with your verdict, that is exactly how their MD described what they did! They were very polite about it, however the postcards were going to go to a "Piper" convention currently in Dorchester - so I have missed an opportunity! Thanks for "getting though"! I've seen a few comments on the forums about the difficulty of commenting.