Monday, 16 April 2012

Another activity

Soon after receiving the feedback for assignment 2, I was contracted to provide a set of photographs that will be used on a web-site promoting "Health Day's by a company called Believe 2 Achieve. The brief was to provide a set of images that included real people at a company "health day", to show haw friendly and warm the atmosphere was, provide some activity shots, cholesterol sampling and blood pressure etc. The owner of the business has yet to make his selection )from a wider set than is set out here), but he has seen a selection and is very positive about what he has paid for. I was given about 90 minutes to accomplish this job and had never been to the venue before.

In the first photograph I was depicting the cholesterol testing, the "patient" agreed not only to sit for this shot but also have blood taken. I am aware that the company's logo is missing from the shot - I tried to get the logo in as many shots as possible - but there is engagement in an activity and as I rotated the image it allows for text to be inserted in the blank space - again something I tried to achieve in these shots. These "Health Days" are a set of short - about one hour - themed sessions to small groups of employees (this one dealt with stress and how to cope with it), I wanted to get a impression of the intimacy of the event, showing the audience engaged with the presenter. Over the heads of the attendees and before the workshop started. I was also asked to provide one or two head and shoulder presenter shots.

"Real - people".
I was intent to get some variance in the audience, meaning that not just women, but also men in order to show inclusiveness, encouraging all comers to these types of events. These chaps were very much engaged in the event - three shots here, amused, focussed and working in an integrated environment. It'll be interesting to see which, if any, is chosen for the web.

A couple of shots showing the "working" part of the seminar, the logos of the "Believe 2 Achieve" are visible on the worksheets. Interestingly the attendees were all very healthy in their appearance and, very serious about engaging with the presenter - these "Health - Days" have been ongoing at this company for over two years. Clearly they work! I composed the one shot to have a large space for text.

The business owner wanted to show the warmth and friendly nature of these events, the following shots hopefully depict this, whilst showing that it was serious - work sheets, flip charts etc. The inclusion of the worksheets is important I think.

The host company for this event Dawson Group were happy to have me there to take pictures of both the "Health Day" as well as their company details, in the shot with the two presenters inside and outside. There are a lot more more photographs which I have down-selected to about thirty for the owner to select from.


  1. Good opportunity and you used colour as well! Hope it wasn't too stressful - 90 minutes seems no time at all!

  2. Yes, it did seem to fly by!