Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Ashmolean

Elias Ashmole donated a good deal of his collection of manuscripts and artefacts to the University of Oxford to become the Ashmolean Museum, which claims to be the oldest museum in Great Britain. After moving from it's original site on the upper floor of the Bodleian labrary it has had a few reincarnations to form it's current metamorphosis in 2009 when it re-opened after massive renovation.
I have been granted permission to use a tripod, provided I ensure, by signing a waiver, that any images will not be for commercial use. I have already looked around this site - see here and I will have the chance to wander more freely as "I will have a piece of paper in my hand" authorising and legitimising my presence.
The atrium and escalators are fast becoming iconic views of this new Ashmolean, there is a very pleasant cafe area with views over roofs of Oxford, indeed there is a roof terrace that might be worth a look at. The objects d'art are beautifully presented and in the main there is no restriction on the use of cameras within the exhibition halls.

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