Sunday, 18 December 2011

Random Initial thoughts

This is where I start the course for real. I have received the course material, read and re-read the initial exercise and assignment requirements. I now need to think about the who, the where and the how. I'm sure that I will have a few volunteers to sit for me. I have always had a strong feeling that the environment modifies both a person's posture and their place within that environment (see pictures below).

People and Place - people in context.

This is what I thought the module was about at the beginning. I appreciate that the series below doesn't hang together - colour/black and white, digital and film (mono is film, colour is digital) etc - but as far as this module is concerned - People and Place - this is what I thought it was, documenting people within a contextual narrative.
After reading the course notes, after receiving the feedback from the APEL, my understanding has moved on. I still think that P&P is about people (clearly) and about the place the people are in, but it is also about the need for research in how to develop a story in a particular timeframe, maybe to a brief from a client (or self imposed).  My submission was about "found people", about people whom I came across in my travels throughout India, documenting their existence, the transience of their lives in a fast evolving social landscape. I had no schedule to adhere to, I shall probably add to the series as I travel to India in the future.
I need to think more clearly about how the people I photograph combined with the environment that I "place" them in, how they interact with it, how it affects them and how they affect it. The "placement" is maybe the critical element here.

 Other things that have moved on? I will be saying goodbye to my little blue note book. I have decided that I will generate a physical log as well as a web blog. I have always made notes - thoughts, jottings and now I will need to divide them into the world that photography works in and the rest. However I wonder if there will be a dichotomy, whether the one is part of the other and vice versa. My concern will be how to start the new physical log. I don't normally have a problem with words, but I feel that the start will need to be specific and the virgin log book is lying there awaiting attention.

Christmas is coming, I have a commission to photograph two sisters as a record of transition, the eldest is going to university next year and the younger has now reached sixteen and it will be the last time they are both going to be living at home together and so their parents need a record; this will help me I think. December the 18th, in a few days it will be the shortest day of the year - natural light photography will be a scarce resource, outside portrait photography would be challenging, to say the least. Therefore finding a venue/several venues might also be fun. 

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