Monday, 19 March 2012

Back to the street in Bradford

Spending some time on the street before the study visit. I need to spend more time developing some expertise in this area. I took quite a few and started to notice various things as I focussed (in the main) on groups of people rather than individuals. I also tried to be more confrontational, intending that my subjects saw what I was attempting - success and failure in equal measure I would say.

These first  five shots I found interesting in that the subjects displayed a great deal of sychronisity. As they walked they found a kind of harmony. The two girls across the road from the chip shop are walking on the same legs, their bags are on the same shoulders, they feel very together. The four lads walking towards me - one of my attempts, albeit at distance, of indicating that I am taking their photograph - are walking as in pairs of two left hand side/right hand side.

This couple both saw me at the same time (my technique needs work here). But they are in stride together, they incline their toward me together, their expressions are not a million miles apart from each other. The two guitarists eyeing the cyclist have only their guitars out of sync' with each other and the mother and daughter (my supposition) walking out of frame are clearly quite close.

The group here are "on a mission" striding along and not noticing me; by this time I had taken one shot and then decided to squat down and take a picture at "their" level. It might have worked better if the lead female (not sure whether she was a young mother, elder sister or carer) was looking at me or straight ahead.

Another couple of shots where I knew the subject was looking at me, these shots have single people involved and both changed their aspect slightly as I took the shots. With the young girl I purposely moved the camera after taking the shot to indicate I had taken it, I didn't do so with the lad running toward me.
 And lastly my Lartigue moment. This lad was running in and out of the fountains and I was waiting for the incisive moment - jumping, getting wet, something and this was as close as I got.

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