Monday, 16 July 2012

Two views

The "clear shot" was what I saw. It was, it is, a window to the world from a folly in Rousham. Though the window is obscured by dirt and grime, dust and cobwebs it therefore doesn't allow a "clear view". The "unclear view", with the camera being moved, quite undramatically compared to other movements I tried in this series, appears to let a brighter, clearer light through the window?

I'm not valuing one photograph above another, it's just by exaggerating the difference and placing them side by side, the same structure tells different stories. Solidity and structure with references in the foreground and staid composition as opposed to the image which appears to have been released from any form of stricture. Looking for the presence of people, both appear to have them for this viewer; the lower one with lots of ornamentation on the walls, the architecture os the seating and the "mock" sarcophagus. The blurred image appears to draw me through the window, to the light. I know it's a regular window, it is therefore manufactured therefore it has the presence of people.
Just thinking out loud


  1. Also the 'unclear' view could be from anywhere and so open to interpretation, whereas the 'clear' one is definitely located and provides clues.

  2. Thanks Catherine, definitely confused of the shire here! :). Not sure now about the purpose of either photograph, though I did want to experiment with blur, and still do, though maybe now with focus and not movement.